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What would your dream office be like? Would it have comfortable, stylish furniture? Would it make your clients feel like they're at home? Would it be in a great location? Would it be fully stocked with the best coffee, tea, and refreshments? What about warm, inviting lighting and thoughtful touches of technology?

That was our goal when we designed Cozy.

We've crafted an environment that you'll look forward to seeing clients in every day, and one that your clients will rave about. We also built it from the ground up with flexibility in mind -- so you don't have to pay for anything unless you're seeing a client and won't be locked into a lease.

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Amazing Amenities

Telehealth or In-Person

Use our sanitized in-person therapy rooms or our dedicated Telehealth room featuring an iMac, great lighting, comfortable chair, broadcast-quality mic, and solid internet so you can see your clients in peace and without frustrating interruptions.

Fully Furnished

Our entire office is tastefully furnished with plush, comfortable chairs and couches for you and your clients. Soft, warm, dimmable lighting in each room creates a soothing atmosphere to practice any kind of counseling or therapy.


Your clients will feel comfortable before their session in our waiting room, and you'll be able to get that pick-me-up in the middle of the day. We offer fresh brewed gourmet coffee and tea as well as a fully stocked refrigerator.

Easy Scheduling

Use our custom scheduling system from your phone or computer and reserve your office in a few sips of coffee. We know sometimes clients have to cancel last minute -- if that happens, use a no-show credit and you won't have to pay for that hour.

Our Rooms

I Have Questions!

Pricing is between $20 and $5 per hour, depending on how many clients you see per week. We also have daily, weekly, and monthly pricing available.

You can do it from anywhere and it only takes a few seconds. Our easy, intuitive scheduling system on our website works on your phone, iPad or computer. Just click on the time you want, and it's yours! You can make one-time or recurring events, too.

When your clients arrive in our waiting room, they'll see your name and smiling face on the iPad. When they click on you, you'll be notified in a subtle and distraction-free way that they have arrived -- no flashing lights or text messages just in case you're in session.

Flexibility is the name of the game. If you cancel up to the day before, there's no cancellation fee whatsoever. If you need to cancel the same day, or even halfway into the hour, you can use a no-show credit, and you won't be charged. You earn more no-show credits every hour that you use Cozy.

No! Our goal is to provide you with a turn-key, flexible space to take care of your clients. There's no lease, deposit, commitment, credit check, or contract.

That wouldn't be nice, would it? No, it costs nothing to begin renting offices. There are no monthly fees. All utilities and amenities are included. You simply only pay for the time you see clients.

We take security seriously for our clinicians and your clients. First of all, our locations are in good, safe areas and are well-lit. Also, the front door and waiting room door are secured with digital locks that use your own personal access code.

Never up front -- use the rooms and pay only after you've seen your clients. We charge your card once a week for the time you used that week.

We want you to be a part of a community of like-minded mental health professionals that you can consult with, get referrals from, and just simply enjoy working with. All kinds of people fit into Cozy: therapists, pastors, life coaches, psychiatrists, spiritual directors, nutritionists, and other counseling professionals.

Never have your style cramped again. Our spacious rooms are perfect for one-on-one therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, and small group therapy.

Absolutely. Our waiting room will make you look good! Clients will arrive to a waiting room with plenty of comfortable chairs to sit in, delicious refreshments to enjoy, and great music to listen to while they wait.

Because it doesn't make sense to pay for space when you're not using it, and it's a major pain to find, furnish and maintain your own office. With Cozy, you can take a week off for vacation (treat yo-self) and your office costs go to zero. Also, there's no monthly rent, electric or internet bills to budget and pay for, and we went to the furniture store for you! Just show up, focus on your clients, and we'll make sure there's always coffee brewing in the waiting room and the offices are clean and comfortable.

Because you can see more clients, make more money, and have full control over your schedule when you're not using someone else's leftover office. Cozy lets you see clients any day and any time of the week, so when a new client calls, you know you can say yes to them without worrying about if you have the office rented that day of the week. Also, Cozy includes amenities that you'd have to pay for at another therapist's office.

Click on the button below, give us a call at (855) 965-2699, or send us an email at [email protected] and we'll schedule your free tour. Once you're ready to book your first hour, we'll add you to our scheduling system. You can see your first client right away!
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